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Order of Battle Morning Sun-SKIDROW

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由The Artistocrats打造,Slitherine Group发行的全新战略游戏《战斗命令:太平洋》刚刚放出了游戏的首批截图,这款游戏将覆盖古代到现代的军事历史。其开发商是由曾经制作了《装甲军团》的团队创立的。


游戏将提供超过300个不同的部队,玩家可以建造并且管理他们的军队和舰队。早期的部队包括具有代表性的M3 Stuart和Type 97坦克,还有A6M Zero和F4U战斗机。当新技术出现以后,玩家最终可以获得高科技和试验型部队,比如Nakajima Kikka和P-80流星战斗机,Montana和超级Yamato级别的战舰和T28,T29还有Type 100 I/O重型坦克。

In Order of Battle: Morning Sun you take control over the Japanese forces fighting for territorial expansion and rich Chinese resources. The conflict soon turns into a massive all-out war between the two sides during the Battle of Shanghai. While the Chinese forces are numerically superior, they have suffered from internal conflict and are poorly equipped with outdated weapons. The recently modernised Japanese Army on the other hand is well trained and experienced, but as the war drags on it gets increasingly overstretched, allowing the enemy to regain the initiative at several occasions…


  • Construction Group unit allows players to construct small airstrips on locations of their own choosing.
  • Horses: These brave and loyal animals played a vital role in the war, and are now included in the game as part of Cavalry units and Horse Transportation.
  • New terrain types: Plow through muddy Rice Fields and fight along the Great Wall of China.

Publisher: Warner Bros. Games
Developer: The Artistocrats
Genre: Simulation, Strategy

Release name: Order.of.Battle.Morning.Sun-SKIDROW
Size: 1.12GB
Links: SteamNFO

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