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Test Automation with CodedUI

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Test Automation with CodedUI [repost]Test Automation with CodedUI
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With Microsoft Visual Studio CodedUI you can build UI tests for the most common UI technologies including HTML and JavaScript based web applications, Windows Forms, WPF and XAML Based Store apps. In this course you will learn how you can use Microsoft CodedUI test technology to build UI test automation projects that will help you run tests via the user interface of your application. This enables you to speed up the validation of fully functional scenarios on your application which is an important step to enable continuous delivery. CodedUI integrates with the Microsoft ALM tool suite, and can help you build insights in your application quality on a daily basis. In this course we look in detail how CodedUI works. We will start with Record and Playback. Then we look at how to build your UI tests by hand coding against the CodedUI object model.

Then we spend a good deal of time looking at how you can build a very good maintainable UI test automation project. Since a good UI test will live as long as the application it is therefore crucial to learn how to build a Test automation framework for your application that is maintainable, and that will keep up with changes in the application throughout its lifecycle. We will also look at analyzing playback failures and cross browser playback. This course concludes by looking at how to build key word driven UI tests by using data driven excel sheets to manage and drive your test scenarios.

Course Introducton 8m 5s
CodedUI Introduction 30m 28s
CodedUI Record and Playback 48m 56s
CodedUI Understanding the Object Model 42m 43s
Managing Search Configurations and Playback Options 41m 50s
Handling Big Projects 1h 15m
Analyzing Playback Failures 14m 25s
Cross Browser Playback 20m 42s
Data driven UI Tests 39m 38s

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  1. 使用Microsoft Visual Studio CodedUI,你可以开发用于包括基于HTML和JavaScript的web应用、Windows表单、WPF以及基于XAML应用的大多数UI技术的UI测试。在本教程中,你将会学习如何使用Microsoft Visual Studio CodedUI开发UI测试自动化项目,用以帮助你通过应用成箱的用户界面运行测试。这可以让你加速应用的完整功能场景验证,并且这也是持续性发送的重要一步。CodeUI集成了微软ALM工具集,可以帮助你开发基于每天的应用程序质量的检视。在本教程中,我们将深入学习CodedUI的运行原理。开始,我们将会使用Record和Playback。然后,我们将学习如何通过CodedUI对象模型开发自己的UI测试。 然后,我们将花上些时间学习如何开发一个非常好的可维护的UI测试自动化项目。因为一个好的UI测试将会与应用程序共同成长,因此学习如何为你的应用程序开发一个可维护的,并贯穿应用生命周期的Test自动化框架。我们还会学习分析反馈是失败以及跨浏览器回播。本教程通过如何通过使用数据驱动的excel表来管理和驱动测试场景,来开发关键词驱动的UI测试。 主要内容:CodedUI简介;CodedUI Record和Playback;CodedUI对象模型;管理搜索配置和回放选项;处理大项目;分析回放失败;跨浏览器回放;数据驱动的UI测试。
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