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ToneBoosters Morphit v1.1.4 WiN / OSX

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ToneBoosters Morphit v1.1.4 WiN / OSX
ToneBoosters Morphit v1.1.4 WiN / OSX | 3.34 Mb / 2.57 Mb

Improve the quality of your headphones, simulate a wide variety of brands and models, or customize your own headphone sound with TB Morphit. Every headphone has its own, characteristic sound. Did you ever consider how the specific sonic attributes of your cans change your mixing results? Do you ever wonder how your mix would sound on different headphones?

Virtually every existing headphone introduces unwanted changes to the audio. TB Morphit helps to reduce these unwanted artifacts by improving the response of supported headphones. Moreover, it can simulate the sound of any of the other supported headphones. Hear how your mix translates from one set to another. Monitor how your mix will sound for your audience. This is especially important since several market studies have indicated that the majority of audio content is actually consumed over headphones. For this purpose, Morphit does not only include studio headphones, but also includes stock ear buds.

For faint-hearted headphone enthusiasts, TB Morphit also includes free-field and diffuse-field equalization modes and customizable target functions. TB Morphit is an excellent companion to TB Isone, our environment simulation plugin for headphones. The cascade of headphone equalization (Morphit) and room acoustic simulation (Isone) together provides an unprecedented accuracy for simulation of loudspeaker reproduction on headphones.

- Real-time, zero latency processing*
- Fully resizable user interface supporting many color themes
- Supports more than 100 popular studio headphones
- Includes models of stock earbuds to simulate listening on the go
- VST, VST3 and Audio Unit (Mac) versions
- High-quality peak limiter integrated
- Any sampling rate supported between 32 and 392 kHz

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