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PlugInGuru MegaMagic Dreams for Serum FXP

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PlugInGuru MegaMagic Dreams for Serum FXP

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Dreams for Serum FXP | 395 Mb
This is the “Made for Serum” version of MegaMagic: Dreams. This is a more cost effective and easier to load library just for Serum! The samples are embedded INTO the patches so you only have 1 folder to place and now you have 102 Amazing 100% SAMPLE-Based patches that will give Serum a completely different personality! Take a beautiful single note – now feed that note into a dizzying array of effects (including huge 10+ second reverbs) and bounce that sound down to a single sample. Now, map that single sample across the entire keyboard and you have a totally new instrument that, while it doesn’t sound exactly like the instrument the recording came from, becomes something MAGICAL!


102 Patches – The Samples are embedded into the Patches for easier access! NOTE: I have awesome reverb recorded INTO the samples – I added Dry variations to future libraries (Bells / Winds and Guitars) but this was the 1st library I created with this concept and didn’t think about including dry samples at the time.

19 Keyboard

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