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Principle 3.7 MacOSX

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Principle 2.0.4

Principle 3x | MacOSX | 7 MB

Principle application for Mac OS, which allows the two bills to create an animation of user interface elements and generate its interactive prototype. Whether it's a multi-screen application or simply invented control you, so simple and fast to implement it had not allowed any one service.

This product - a clever mix between Sketch, Keynote, Flash and After Effects (plus some cool features for interactive prototypes). What struck me at first, all seems very familiar. If you have worked with Sketch, you can easily get a handle on Principle: Inspector, the list of layers, artbordy.

Easily create a transition from one state to another - this is for me the main thing in this kind of applications. With this in Principle, there are other possibilities that will raise your prototype to a new level.

This tool has been designed primarily for devices with touch-screen, so it allows you to define a set of interaction types: tap, dragenddrop, scroll, long press.

animation panel
What have in common all the articles about animation? They strongly recommend never doing linear animation, because it does not exist in the real world. And here again at a height Principle. By default, each animation is applied easy-in / easy-out effect you can easily reconfigure themselves.

Driver panel
To fully understand how this works, it will take time. But deal with it, you can do amazing things with your prototype. Usually the driver is used to scroll or move the event to link multiple items or hang multiple handlers to one element. Say you want to appear overlying layer when you drag the item, or to any member rotates during swipe (in Tinder, Jelly)

Something else
Of course, there are many smaller features, such as: masks, text presets, artbordy … And yet, for you dribbblery, there is an automatic export animations in GIF, to share them with fellow designers.
OS - MacOSX 10.7 or Later
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  1. 不管是Principle团队还是TNT,他们的更新速度真还是让人服气的……看好Principle,小而美典范。
    shea6个月前 (11-22)
  2. Principle是一款Mac系统上的程序,其只需两步就能创建用户界面动画元素以及生成其互动原型。无论它是多屏应用或是简单的控件,都可以简单快速地在任何任何设备上部署。 这款产品是Sketch、Keynote、Flash和AE等一些互动原型工具的综合体。令人喜欢的是,所有的功能看起来都会非常熟悉。如果你使用过Sketch,你可以轻松地上手Principle。
    wilde(特殊组-翻译)2年前 (2016-10-06)