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FTI FormingSuite 2018.0.0.17491.4

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FTI FormingSuite 2018.0.0.17252

世界领先的软件设计.仿真开发和成本优化.钣金分析 FTI 公司,宣布FormingSuite 2017全球发行。

对汽车零部件企业,在钣金冲压件分析和成本优化方面有一套世界领先的软件解决方案——来自加拿大的FTI(Forming Technologies Intanc),世界领先的冲压成形性分析和成本计算软件。
成立于1989年的加拿大成形技术公司(FTI)是世界领先的钣金软件解决方案的供应商,FTI 所开发的Forming Suite软件主要应用于钣金设计、可行性分析和钣金零部件成本计算。FTI软件每年都在不断的进行更新,目前FTI6.0版在原来软件的基础上增加了新的功能,如级进模排样等。在过去的18年里,FTI为汽车、航空航天、电子及器械等工业领域的OEM厂商和供应商提供了创新的解决方案, 大大缩短了开发时间和节省了材料成本。
除了优秀的产品,FTI还提供了国际一流的冲压成形、模具设计和焊接培训教程,经其培训的认证工程师超过12000名。FTI 通过全球代理网络提供销售和技术服务。

FTI FormingSuite 2018.x | 172.0 mb

Forming Technologies Inc., announces the release of FTI FormingSuite 2018.0. Aimed at all sheet metal forming and costing engineers, designers, and estimators in the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Product and Electronics industries, the main objective of FormingSuite is to introduce new leading edge technologies to stamping simulation and to provide continuous improvement and simplification to all users in a unified collaborative environment. 

About FTI FormingSuite. FormingSuite further builds on the capabilities of our new multi-part geometry environment with the addition of tailor welded blank definition and support for double attaching within Process Planner. New capabilities both in formability simulation and process planning focus on handling more complex situations. New tools for visualizing die impact lines play a vital role in analyzing formability of class A panels, while the automatic trimming and blank size capability in Fast Incremental now develops holes and cut-outs in addition to the outer trim and blank shape. Additional productivity improvements include the ability to export the LS-DYNA input deck for solving off-line in a dedicated cluster environment and for reading completed solutions back into FormingSuite. The new symmetry constraint produces solutions nearly twice as fast as before. Throughout the software and particularly in Process Planner, FTI has added more intelligence to the software to help users avoid time y errors and difficult processing situations. This has been achieved through increased automation and more intensive feedback from the engineering team during problem detection. Process summary displays have been enhanced to provide clearer process visualization along with more information related to specific features.

FTI FormingSuite 2018.0.0.17252

About Forming Technologies. Forming Technologies Incorporated is the world’s leading developer of computer aided engineering software for design and simulation of sheet metal components. Since 1989, FTI has provided OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and appliance industries with innovative software and training solutions designed to reduce development time and material costs. FTI has trained over 12,000 engineers in Formability and Die Design and is considered the Best in Class around the world for their industry training programs.

Product: FTI FormingSuite
Version: 2018.x
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://www.forming.com
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3 or later - Windows 7 is highly recommended
Size: 172.0 mb

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