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React Native: Building Mobile Apps

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React Native: Building Mobile Apps
React Native: Building Mobile Apps
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Companies like Facebook, use React Native to create native mobile apps—with native performance—for a variety of platforms. You too can harness the power of React Native to build your own native projects, using JavaScript and the familiar React.js framework. This course provides a complete introduction, starting with using the React Native command-line interface (CLI) to create a new project. Instructor Steve Emmerich goes from this setup step through complete application, using Firebase for authentication and storage and MobX for state management. Follow along and learn how to create scenes, set up navigation, store and manipulate data in databases and files with Firebase, interact with the device camera, and use MobX to manage application states.

React Native: Building Mobile Apps

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  1. React Native:开发原生移动app 如Facebook这样的公司,使用React Native为多个平台开发具有原生性能移动app。你也可以利用React Native的功能开发你自己的原生项目,使用JavaScript和熟悉的React.js框架。本教程带来了完整的对其讲解,从开始使用React Native命令行到创建新项目。讲师Steve Emmerich会从安装到完整的程序,使用Firebase进行认证和存储,以及使用Mobx用于状态管理。你还会学习如何创建场景、建立导航、使用Firebase在数据库和文件中存储和操作数据,与设备相机交互,并使用Mobx管理应用程序状态。
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