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Truefire – Angus Clark’s Essentials: Rock Rhythm Unplugged (2017)

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Truefire - Angus Clark's Essentials: Rock Rhythm Unplugged (2017) screenshotPublisher: Truefire | Language: English
Video: MP4, 864x486 (16:9), 971 Kbps, 29.970 fps
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Size: 583 Mb | Length: 01h 11min

Whether you’re the sole accompanist to a singer or part of an acoustic ensemble, you’ll have to approach your guitar arrangement with a much different mindset than you would in an electric setting.

In this Unplugged Rock Rhythm edition of Essentials, Angus Clark guides you through 10 performance studies that cover the essentials of acoustic rock playing with an eye towards crafting “unplugged” versions of songs originally produced in a full electric band setting.

“I was inspired to take up the guitar by rock music. So, the electric guitar became a part of how I connected to the music I loved, and the acoustic guitar was always 'second fiddle.' I had to play catch-up on my acoustic rhythm playing once it became apparent that everyone relies on a guitar player to be able to deliver a song on a solo acoustic guitar, or come up with an appropriate part should the ensemble need to deliver a song 'unplugged.'

We're going to focus on some fundamentals, as well as some advanced concepts for creating acoustic guitar arrangements. We're also going to look at the acoustic guitar playbook and work on tricks of the trade for an acoustic player that are not so commonly used on electric.”

Angus designed the following 10 performance studies to help you master key acoustic rhythm guitar concepts and techniques such as right-hand rhythmic approaches, syncopated accents, fingerstyle approaches, arpeggiated picking patterns, building up speed and precision, moving intervals against open strings to create color chords, percussive right-hand techniques, getting the most out of riffs and power chords, and crafting unplugged versions of electric guitar productions.

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