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Docker, Apache Mesos & DCOS: Run and manage you own IaaS cloud datacenter

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Docker, Apache Mesos & DCOS: Run and manage you own IaaS cloud datacenter
Docker, Apache Mesos & DCOS: Run and manage you own IaaS cloud datacenter
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It’s been a few years since Marc Andreessen, the found of Mosaic and Netscape - coined the phrase software is eating the world. But indeed it is true today. , the idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is considered almost a cliché. No matter your industry, you’re expected to be reimagining your business to make sure you’re not the next local taxi company or hotel chain caught completely off guard by your equivalent of Uber or Airbnb. Doing business in the 21st century means embracing a world where software quite literally powers everything—from televisions to cars, and from social media to banking systems. In the mean time Software development has seen a paradigm shift in the last few decades. From the beginning of computing era in the 1960s up to late 1990s, the software was built by relatively small teams. These teams used large monolithic software stacks to build relatively simple and smaller applications which were used by 1 to a few tens of people. These applications were deployed on a central network server which the users connected to via their terminals and used the application. The current era is all about ubiquitous connectivity and ever increasing adoption of mobile computing. To cater to these demands - the modern mobile apps and web applications are reaching global scale and billions of users. These app and web applications are built by larger teams which are geographically distributed. They build those large applications by stitching together a collection of services, APIs or microservices. These services use a variety of stacks and are independent of each other. The services run on clusters spanning thousands or tens of thousands of servers or nodes. And the consumers use these applications over the cloud and the public internet using their mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Deployment, management and operationalizing these large complex infrastructures is a daunting task.

Docker, Apache Mesos & DCOS: Run and manage you own IaaS cloud datacenter

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