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Oracle Database 12c: Basic SQL

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Oracle Database 12c: Basic SQL
Oracle Database 12c: Basic SQL
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Mastering the SQL language is an essential skill for any Oracle professional and is the first step in becoming a true Oracle expert. As with any database platform, Oracle has its own take on the SQL language that builds on top of industry standards. In this course, Oracle instructor and consultant David Yahalom covers the basics required to code with SQL in an Oracle Database 12c environment. Learn how to select and filter data, and manipulate data using functions, including SUBSTR, UPPER, MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, and more. Then find out how to combine data from two or more tables in a single statement with joins. Discover how to modify data with DML and DDL commands like DELETE and UPDATE, and group data with aggregate functions. David also provides an overview of advanced concepts, such as constraints and subqueries.

Note: This training course is appropriate for beginning database developers with no prior experience with SQL or Oracle.

Topics include:

  • Using Oracle SQL*Developer, the free development environment
  • Selecting data from tables
  • Filtering data
  • Using functions to manipulate data
  • Joining data from tables
  • Creating tables
  • Updating values
  • Truncating data
  • Grouping and ordering result sets
  • Working with primary keys
  • Checking constraints

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  1. Oracle 数据库12c:SQL基础 掌握sql语言是对任何一个Oracle专业人士都必须的技能,并且也是成为一名真正的Oracle专家的第一部。对于任何数据平台来说,Oracle拥有其自己的构建于行业标准顶层之上的sql语言。在本教程中,Oracle讲师和咨询顾问David Yahalom会讲到在Oracle 12c专家中sql编程的基础知识。你会学习到如何选择和筛选数据、使用函数操作数据、包括substr、upper、min、max、avgsum等。然后会学习如何从两个或更多的标准中,通过join用一行语句实现数据的合并。学习如何通过dml和ddl命令,如delete和update修改数据,并通过汇聚函数组合数据。David还会对约束和子查询这样的高级内容有所涉及。 注意:本教程适合于没有sql或oracle经验的初级数据库开发者。 主要内容: • 使用Oracle SQL Developer这款免费的环境 • 从表中选择数据 • 筛选数据 • 使用函数操作数据 • 从表中合并数据 • 创建表 • 更新值 • 阶段书记 • 组合和排序 • 处理主键 • 检查约束
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