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Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage

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Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage
Photo Restoration: Fixing Water Damage
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 1:50:37 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 1751.1 MB

Old photos are often not only faded—there's also a good chance they've had some water damage over the years. In this course, master restorationist Neil Rhodes shows how to use Adobe Photoshop to fix overall damage and restore your photo. He begins by assessing an image and mapping out a restoration strategy. He then moves on to fixing the grass, feet, legs, and fence in the photo; repairing the water damage; and then cleaning up the restoration.

Topics include:

  • Evaluating a photo
  • Planning the restoration
  • Initial preparations
  • Fixing minor damage
  • Repairing major damage
  • Initial and final cleanup of a restoration

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