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Saving Data in iOS Apps – Core Data and Realm

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Saving Data in iOS Apps – Core Data and Realm
Saving Data in iOS Apps – Core Data and Realm
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Apps that don't save any data are no fun. A grocery list app that doesn't save the user's list is useless. A game that doesn't save a user's high score has no challenge. In this course, you will learn how to save data in iOS in two important ways, with CoreData and with Realm.

Core Data is a data-saving framework built by Apple. If you want a job as an iOS developer it is essential that you have this skill on your tool-belt. Core Data allows you to save whole objects into a datastore of your choice (though more often than not you will use a database). Then you can retrieve these data objects when you want. To learn this skill you will create a to-do list app.

The next way to save data is using a tool called Realm. Realm is an open source, a third-party database that is much simpler to set up than CoreData. We will cover the pros and cons of using Realm and how it can make your applications better.

Saving Data in iOS Apps – Core Data and Realm

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  1. 在iOS Apps中保持数据 不能保持数据app意义不大。一款购物清单app如果不能保持用户的列表形同虚设。一款游戏不能保持用户的最高分就会变得没有挑战。在本教程中个,你将学习如何在iOS中以两种重要的方式保存数据:CoreData和Realm。 Core Data是一款由Apple开发的保持数据的框架。如果你希望得到一份ios开发者的职位,那么就必须要掌握它。Core Data可以让你将整个对象保存到你所选择的数据仓库中。然后,你可以在需要的时候取回这些数据。 另一种保持数据的方法是使用被称作Realm的工具。Realm是一个开源的、第三方的数据库,它要比CoreData简单很多。我们将在使用Realm时讲到它的优缺点,以及它如何能够让你应用变得更好。
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