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Body Language for Photographers

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Body Language for Photographers
Body Language for Photographers
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In this course, you will learn how to capture better pictures by understanding the body language of your subjects. Understanding body language is important because it tells you how comfortable your subjects are with having you around.

If you don't see what people are saying to you with their body language, you are missing a big part of the picture.
Photography is about capturing memories. It's about capturing the emotional highlights of an event you are photographing.
You can't do that if people feel unsafe with having you taking their pictures.
To get the best shots, you need to earn the trust of your subjects and build a relationship, all non-verbally.

In this course, you'll learn how to do just that.

By implementing these new skills, you'll be able to walk into any room or event with your camera and build trust with your subjects quickly so that you can capture more high quality images.

Body Language for Photographers

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  1. 在本课程中, 您将学习如何通过了解拍摄对象的肢体语言来拍出更好的照片。理解肢体语言是很重要的, 因为它可以告诉你, 你的拍摄对象和你在一起的感觉如何。 如果你没有看到人们用他们的肢体语言对你说什么, 你就会错过一大部分的照片。 摄影是关于捕捉记忆。它是关于捕捉你正在拍摄的事件的情感亮点。 如果人们在让你拍照时,感到不安全,你就不能拍。 为了获得最好的照片, 你需要赢得被拍者的信任, 并建立友好关系。 在本课程中, 您将学习如何做到这一点。 通过实施这些新的技能, 您将能够带着相机,走进任何房间或参与到任何的事件中,与被拍者迅速建立信任, 以便您可以拍下更多高质量照片。
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