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Java Essential Training: Objects and APIs

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Java Essential Training: Objects and APIs
Java Essential Training: Objects and APIs
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 2:46:32 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 451.6 MB

If you want to build applications for mobile devices, desktop computers, or the web, you need to know Java—and keep your knowledge up to date as the language evolves. Java 9 is changing quite a few important aspects of the programming workflow, particularly the handling of objects and APIs. This course is the second in the Java Essential Training series, which provides the foundation for learning Java 9. Instructor David Gassner starts by showing how to debug Java code in IntelliJ IDEA, and handle any exceptions that occur. He explains how to create custom classes and understand how Java implements inheritance, a core principle of object-oriented programming. Plus, learn how to store data in memory with the Java Collections Framework, extend Java with popular APIs, make network requests, and package your applications for deployment in JAR files.

Topics include:

  • Debugging Java code
  • Handling exceptions
  • Creating custom classes
  • Working with inheritance
  • Managing data collections
  • Using Java packages and libraries
  • Preparing a Java application for deployment

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  1. Java基础培训:对象和API 如果你希望开发移动设备、桌面计算机或者web的应用程序,那么你需要懂得Java——以及让你知识随着语言的进化保持更新。Java 9正在改变着编程工作流程中一些重要的方面,尤其是对对象和API的处理。本教程是Java基础培训系列的第二部分,为学习Java 9带来了基础性的知识。讲师David Gassner会从演示如何在Intellij中调试Java代码开始,以及处理任何会发生的例外。他还会讲解如何创建自定义类以及理解Java如何实现继承—这一OOP的核心原则。另外,还会学习如何使用Java Collection Framework在内存中存储数据,使用流行的API扩展Java,调用网络请求以及将你的应用打包成jar文件中用于部署。 主要内容: • 调试Java代码 • 处理例外 • 创建自定义类 • 处理继承 • 管理数据收集 • 使用Java包和类库 准备用于部署的Java应用
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