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Extending Xamarin with Behaviors, Commands, and Triggers

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Extending Xamarin with Behaviors, Commands, and Triggers
Extending Xamarin with Behaviors, Commands, and Triggers
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Xamarin is a great tool for developing cross-platform apps and interfaces. But did you know that there are extensions that can actually improve your code? This course introduces three features to dramatically change the way you code applications with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. Learn how behaviors can turn your forms into styles. Then find out how commands add functionality and rigor. Last but not least, discover how to configure triggers to create more dynamic interfaces. This course uses a project-based approach to teach Xamarin developers when, why, and how to use these extensions, and ties all three features together into a single Xamarin app.

Topics include:

  • Creating and implementing behaviors
  • Stacking behaviors
  • Adding behaviors to styles
  • Creating commands
  • Setting up and implementing triggers
  • Tying it all together in a Xamarin app

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  1. 使用行为、命令和触发器扩展你的Xamarin Xamarin是一款用于开发跨平台app和界面的工具。但是你知道有哪些扩展可以真地提高你的代码吗?本教程将会介绍三款大大改变使用Xamarin和Xamarin.Forms编码的功能。学习行为如何可以将你的表单转换为样式。然后学习命令如何添加功能。最后,学习如何配置触发器以创建更加动态的界面本教程使用基于项目的方法,为Xamarin开发者讲授合适、为何以及如何使用这些扩展,并将这三个功能绑定在一款单独的Xamarin应用中。 主要内容: • 创建和部署行为 • 融合行为 • 添加行为到样式 • 创建命令 • 建立和部署触发器 整合到Xamarin应用中
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