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Raw Loops Romanian Underground 2 WAV

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Raw Loops Romanian Underground 2 WAV screenshotFANTASTiC | Feb 07 2018 | 525 MB

600+ MBs of Romanian underground beats, sounds, & samples. The follow up to the chart smashing Romanian Underground v1, we have taking this one a step further with even more loops. Packed with groovy baselines, funked out percussion, liquid top end, deep leads, rhythmic texture backgrounds & more.

The premier sound of after-hours around the world.


Top Loops – 50 driving and jacking hi-hat, clap and snare loops.

Music Loops – 42 smoked out dubby leads.

Rhythmic Textures – 27 rhythmic background textures to to fill the gaps and enhance your groove.

Percussion Loops – 38 rhythm focused percussive work outs.

Drum Hits- 80 one shots from kick, percs, tools, hats, claps and more to build your own beats from scratch.

Bass Loops – 24 thumping bass hooks stamping a melodic and rhythmic tone to your tunes..

Beat Loops – 72 minimal tech beats for the late night hours in the early morning.

FX – 16 chopping downers and uppers simple to set for track growth or breakdown.

RAW_Kicks – 24 tight kick loops left open with enough space to fill in the gaps with oversized bass.

All Loops are 24 bit wavs @ 124 bpm

375 Total Loops

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