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Microservices Foundations

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Microservices Foundations
Microservices Foundations
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Microservices is a major architectural pattern in the software industry, and having an overview of what this architecture is-and what it isn't-is critical as a starting point to evaluating this model. This course covers the basic concepts of microservices, to help you determine if this architectural model is the right fit for you and your team. Instructor Frank Moley kicks off the course by briefly discussing how microservices fit into the history of software architecture, and going into some of the other notable patterns that have emerged in recent years. Frank then helps to familiarize you with some core concepts of microservices, including bounded contexts and the API layer. He also goes over some of the more advanced areas of the architecture, as well as the importance of embracing a DevOps culture should you choose to move to microservices.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing the history of service-based architectures
  • Microservices and cloud native
  • Communications in a microservices architecture
  • Data domains as a service boundary
  • Logging and tracing in a microservices architecture
  • Continuous delivery as a requirement
  • Addressing design considerations and patterns
  • Embracing a DevOps culture

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  1. 微服务基础知识 微服务是用于软件行业中的主要架构模式,对其在宏观上的了解是评估这一模式的出发点。本教程涵盖了微服务的基础概念,帮助你决定这款架构模型是否适用于你的团队。讲师Frank Moley会从简介微服务如何用于软件架构的历史开始,并深入讲解近年来涌现出的其他著名的模式。Frank然后会帮助你书写一些核心的微服务概念,包括绑定背景和API层。他还会回顾一些更高级的架构领域,以及拥抱DevOps文化的重要性。 主要内容: • 回顾基于服务架构的历史 • 微服务和云原生 • 在微服务架构中的同学 • 数据与作为服务边界 • 在微服务架构中登录和跟踪 • 作为一项需求的持续交付 • 实现设计考虑和模式 拥抱DevOps文化
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