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Lost God-PLAZA

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《失落的天神(Lost God)》是Time Stop Interactive制作发行的一款动作冒险游戏。本作的故事发生在一个远古的地区,这里充斥着天神流放的罪人,玩家正是被流放大军之一,因此必须小心翼翼的在这里生存,并发现这里的秘密。游戏的战斗系统非常独特,玩家必须注重闪躲敌人的攻击,并且找出他们的弱点。同时玩家也可以使用各式各样的武器,装备与工具来对抗敌人。

Description: Criminals are sent to atone for their sins in the ancient forest. Here they will be hunted down by a terrible monster, a sacrifice to appease the wrath of god. You were one of these exiles and just as in the stories the monster came for you. The last thing you remember is a blade coming right towards you. Opening your eyes you find yourself resting on a strange stone platform in the forest, all the wounds on your body and tears in your clothes gone. Lost and confused you begin to explore the world around you to discover the secrets behind the forest and your newfound immortality.

Experience atmospheric exploration gameplay on your journey through several breathtaking areas, from a vibrant forest to overgrown ruins and dark tunnels. Secrets await around every corner, waiting to be unearthed.

Master an engaging and challenging combat system, with many different weapons and strategies to explore.

Find fragments from the history of a broken world and reveal the truth behind the lost god and its legacy.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Time Stop Interactive
Publisher: Time Stop Interactive

Release Name: Lost.God-PLAZA
Size: 908.3 MB

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