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RAID World War II The Countdown Raid-CODEX

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《突袭:二战(RAID: World War II)》是Lion game Lion制作的一款第一人称射击游戏。游戏背景为二战下的欧洲大陆,你和朋友的使命就是要挫败纳粹的入侵。英国秘密情报人员“怀特夫人”为了寻找帮手彻底推翻希特勒和他的第三帝国,解救了四名战俘:斯特林、里韦特、库尔干、沃尔夫冈。他们的任务就是打赢这场仗,为此他们可以漠视一切规矩,痛下杀手。他们的报酬则是纳粹的黄金,带得走的都归他们。

约翰·克里斯 - 传奇喜剧演员约翰·克里斯扮演怀特夫人手下的英国情报特工“司令塔”。他的任务是保证让你有杀不完的纳粹分子,还有偷不完的金子。

在炮火纷飞的激烈交战中,唯有凭藉团队精神和一流的战略,方可在《RAID: World War II》胜出。在《RAID: World War II》中,战场即是敌军内部。你面对重重困难,但只要有强大的火力、坚定的决心和不顾一切的精神,便天下无难事。不择手段地抗争,并打一场漂亮的仗吧!

Description: The Nazis will never rest, they will never give up and their aim is to dominate. But the same goes for the RAID gang. As a certain Nazi Scientist called Herr Bachman is turned, Control and Mrs. White gets their hands on a piece of information that might really put the Nazi rampage to a halt – at least for a while. But as all missions, this one will not be a walk in the park. The RAID gang are in an all-out action-packed mission to infiltrate and cause maximum destruction on an early prototype missile bunker which holds a V2 rocket. Every nook and cranny is filled with enemies and you need to stay close to the cart so it doesn’t stop moving as well as make sure that all resistance is dealt with. Every playthrough will differ as certain segments are randomised – providing every game session with something new. So if you want to make sure that the cart reaches is destination so you can blow up the V2 Rocket – you better stay sharp.


  • This free update comes with some new stopping power for you to unleash upon those pesky Nazis.
  • A classic World War II rifle where its precise accuracy will make sure you’ll never miss your mark.
  • A must for every battle, cause as enemies starts to swarm all you have to do is pull the pin and let em’ fly.
  • A rugged and tough jacket that will at least make sure that it’s not the cold that kills you.

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Lion game Lion
Publisher: Starbreeze Publishing AB

Release Name: RAID.World.War.II.The.Countdown.Raid-CODEX
Size: 13.0 GB

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