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Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science

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Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science
Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Data Science is an ever-evolving field. Data Science includes techniques and theories extracted from statistics, computer science, and machine learning. This video course will be your companion and ensure that you master various data mining and statistical techniques.

The course starts by comparing and contrasting statistics and data mining and then provides an overview of the various types of projects data scientists usually encounter. You will then learn predictive/classification modeling, which is the most common type of data analysis project. As you move forward on this journey, you will be introduced to the three methods (statistical, decision tree, and machine learning) with which you can perform predictive modeling. Finally, you will explore segmentation modeling to learn the art of cluster analysis. Towards the end of the course, you will work with association modeling, which will allow you to perform market basket analysis.

Advanced Statistics and Data Mining for Data Science

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  1. 数据科学是一个不断发展的领域。数据科学包括从统计学、计算机科学和机器学习中提取的技术和理论。本视频课程将是您的学习同伴, 并确保您掌握各种数据挖掘和统计技术。 该课程的开始是通过比较统计数据和资料挖掘, 然后概述下科学家通常遇到的各种类型的项目。然后, 您将学习预测/分类建模, 这是最常见的数据分析项目类型。学习到这个程度时, 将向你讲解三方法 (统计, 决策树和机器学习), 你可以执行预测建模。最后, 您将探索分段建模, 学习聚类分析的艺术。在课程结束时, 您将使用关联建模, 这将允许您执行购物篮分析。
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