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Soul Surplus Neo Gotham WAV

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Soul Surplus Neo Gotham WAV screenshotFANTASTiC | Feb 10 2018 | 803 MB

North Carolina natives, Patrick Mix Jr. and Justin Pelham, team up with Soul Surplus to present the "Neo Gotham Sample Pack Volume 1". The fellas carry the Soul Surplus tradition with a pack overflowing with vibey soul, topped the analog warmth and grit.

"We really didn't have a specific sonic approach for this project as we usually "go with the flow" and bounce ideas off of each other. I've been listening to a lot of neo-soul, jazz & jazz fusion, electronic music and some hip-hop and r&b that has a mixture of all of those genre's put together. Justin had been listening to EDM, rock/electronic music, and jazz fusion as well. As we were making them, we'd say "let's turn this into something _____ would sample."

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