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DU Meter 7.30 Build 4769 Multilingual

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DU Meter 7.30 Build 4769 Multilingual

DU Meter 是一款专业的网络流量监控软件,系统资源占用小。当你在浏览网页或者传送数据时,它可以实时监测你的网络使用情况,既有数字显示又有图形显示。通过 DU Meter ,可以观测日流量、周流量、月流量等累计统计数据,并可导出为多种文件格式,如果你在澳洲或者其他限制宽带流量的国家,这个小巧强大的软件能够使你了解自己的宽带使用情况,防止到月底被通信公司罚钱。

DU Meter 是基于网络端口监控的软件,所以通过设置它的监控端口,你还可以了解到不同端口的数据流量,包括流进量(下载量)和流出量(上传量),端口是软件自动扫描出来的,比如一般的上网口,或者你安装有虚拟机,也能看见其对应的端口。通常情况下只需要选择全部接口就可以了,这样你的PC上所有的上传、下载量就可以一目了然。

流量的监控是即时的,这对于你管理网络相当有用。有时你会发现自己其实什么软件都没使用,既没上传,也没下载,但是 Du Meter显示出来流量却大得惊人,这很有可能是你中毒或中了木马,要不就是某些特定的程序有后台服务,在偷偷下载或上传数据。一旦发现,赶紧检查一下吧。

Du Meter 还有报警功能,之前提到的,如果宽带运营商对你的流量有限制,那么使用这个报警功能,就不至于用过头而完全不觉察,避免不必要的经济损失。

DU Meter 7.30 Build 4769 Multilingual | 6.5 Mb

DU Meter is an Internet usage monitor for your computer. It shows real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts based on your downloads and uploads. Have you ever found yourself wondering why some downloads seem to take an eternity to complete, or why your e-mail program seems to be stuck in the middle of e-mail retrieval. Is it really hanging, or maybe it's just downloading a large e-mail attachment? DU Meter provides the answer to these and other mysteries, and can also alert you of dangerous or unexpected network activity. Watching your data transfer rates can be very enlightening no matter what you do online, and you'll soon be wondering how you managed without DU Meter before.

DU Meter for parents and business managers

If you have teenage children or if you own or manage a small business, you already know how hard it is to enforce certain rules for network usage, while respecting child's or employee's privacy.

If you install DU Meter on your child's or employee's computer, you can configure it to report back to you via email when monthly or weekly network traffic exceeds a certain threshold. DU Meter will let you know if someone is breaking your rules (For example using peer-to-peer software to share films and music). Since DU Meter 5, the software can even prevent any further Internet connectivity once the alert condition has been met, without any user intervention.

Remember, you are legally responsible for what your kids are doing online. And while sharing music or videos may seem benign to them, copyright holding companies are suing peer-to-peer network users for thousands of dollars for copyright violations. DU Meter can alert you in time, so this kind of activity can be prevented.

Is your “unlimited” Internet really unlimited?

Many Internet users believe their "unlimited" account lets them surf the Internet, send large email attachments and download as many movies and songs as they choose. However it is well documented by the media that many Internet Service Providers, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, do in fact set definite usage limits, even though they may advertise to the contrary. Some will take drastic measures like termination of an account without any advance warning, if these limits are exceeded. DU Meter can create detailed reports of the total network traffic volume on your computer and can alert you if certain limits are surpassed. If you have teenage children or if you own or manage a business, DU Meter can be especially useful for you to you too.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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