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GifTools 1.4.0 MacOS

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GifTools 1.4.0

Gif Tools是一个编辑、制作和优化Gif动画文件的工具,能直接打开Gif文件编辑每一帧,支持导入图形文件,包括图像的减色,灰度,量化,抖动,镜像,旋转等处理、可以进行图像格式转换,支持近十种图像格式,同时软件支持gif与avi动画间的转换,是一款值得一用的Gif动画制作工具。

GifTools 1.4.0 | macOS | 9mb

Romanysoft GifTools is designed for Mac users to convert animated images from GIF to APNG format or from APNG to GIF format. When processing GIF to APNG conversion, it generates APNG files with good quality, and meanwhile removes white pixels around the edges in the original GIFs. 

In addition, it allows users to resize images to the exact pixels or proportion you specified before format conversion. For example, when you need to change a 512 x 512 animated Gif file to a 150 x 150 APNG file on a Mac computer, you can use Romanysoft GifTools to achieve that purpose.

Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit

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