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Burnin Rubber 5 HD-SKIDROW

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《火爆竞速5:高清版(Burnin' Rubber 5 HD)》是Xform制作发行的一款大型3D赛车动作游戏。玩家们将会在酷炫精致的赛场之上,驾驶着自己的赛车进行紧张刺激的竞速之旅,同时还要试着解锁新的车辆以及购买新的武器和升级能力,确保大家在竞赛前车子性能不落于下风。当然除此之外,最重要的还是各位玩家的操作水准,精湛的技术往往也带来胜利的喜悦。

Description: Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD is the version as it was intended to be! Battle over 30+ challenges against the toughest opponents ever! Unlock new cars, buy new weapons and upgrades.
Burnin’ Rubber 5 is a massive 3D action racing game completely remastered. Jam-packed with all of the destructive goodness that made the previous games such a huge success!


  • Full high resolution textures and audio
  • New, additional and updated visual effects
  • Campaign and Daily Challenges (unlock unique cars!)
  • 3 Challenge modes
  • Unique Team Battle mode; battle with a team of 4 of your vehicles agains another team!
  • 36 Challenges
  • Most epic end boss ever!
  • 50+ vehicles. Including, but not limited to; sportscars, trucks, classics and a horse!
  • 20 Primary and secondary weapons. Including miniguns, railgun, homing missiles and fuel-air RPGs.
  • 6 Special weapons. E.g. Control a flak cannon on your roof while an AI controls your car. Shoot and destroy!
  • Hidden Packages for that very unique, odd vehicle
  • Partial controller support

Genre: Action, Indie, Racing
Developer: Xform
Publisher: Xform

Release Name: Burnin.Rubber.5.HD-SKIDROW
Size: 965.6 MB

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