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How To Go From Idea To Validation Without An Application

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How To Go From Idea To Validation Without An Application
How To Go From Idea To Validation Without An Application
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Quantitatively validate user/buyer demand soon after you come up with the idea and before investing in an app

Many of us come up with well researched ideas, everybody says it’s a great idea but no one ends up paying. Most of the time, we spend months and thousands of dollars turning this approved idea into a usable solution but no one ends up using it. It feels like we are doing all the right things, but no results!

Many small businesses are opening and closing doors within a 6 months interval. There are millions of applications in the app stores but only a few are being used. It seems like 99% of entrepreneurs are wasting their time, energy and money starting businesses of different kinds. It shouldn’t be this way. Life would be a lot simpler if no one wasted no one’s time: you have a problem (exp. I don’t want to go shopping anymore), here’s my solution (I’ll shop for you) and both parties are happy.

This post is about how we can make starting businesses as simple as a need (buyer) and an offer (seller). It’s about proving that what we attempt to solve is a problem people are willing to pay for and use. It’s essentially about how we can use our valuable time building solutions people need.

Whether we’re building a hardware or software, consumer or enterprise products, whether we already have a team or looking for one, whether we have a technical or non-technical background, it is extremely important to understand how to quickly quantitatively validate user demand without a product and in as soon as two weeks.

In this initial version of the course, I am going to use my first venture, Recycler Spotter, as a case study and a benchmark for showing how early stage validation can be accomplished without applications in startup venture initiation.

More chapters and details will be added to the course over time. Today, I hope the first short version helps you focus your resources on building products people will buy.

How To Go From Idea To Validation Without An Application

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