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The Last Hunt-PLAZA

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《最后的狩猎(THE LAST HUNT)》是Chickenpig Software制作的一款上帝视角的射击游戏,具备街机式的游戏玩法。游戏背景设定在末世环境下的2029年,玩家作为幸存者,除了要面对各种可怕的敌人之外,还需要努力地收集资源来生存,同时制作和升级自己的角色装备。

Description: The Last Hunt is a 3D Top-Down arcade shooter filled with deadly zombies.
Fight your way thru the deadly creatures, 8 Levels full of zombies.
Find the 2 secret Levels and kill some more zombies.
Load your shotgun, soldier!

November 2029, 4 years after the great war nearly all life forms on earth are dead. You are one of the last survivours.
Most life forms have been infected by the deadly radiactive-biological Fallout, zombies rule now the ghost towns, looking for flesh and blood.
Your girlfiriend is waiting at home, far away from the place where you are now.
You have to fight your way thru the hordes of undead creatures. All your way home.


  • Top-Down Arcade Shooter
  • Hordes of Zombies
  • 8 Levels
  • 2 Secret Levels
  • Your Shotgun has unlimited bullets, for unlimited fun!
  • A shotgun! And only a shotgun!
  • Great Soundtrack
  • Retro Feeling

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Chickenpig Software
Publisher: Texas Interactive

Release Name: The.Last.Hunt-PLAZA
Size: 1.1 GB

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