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S-FRAME Products 2017 Suite

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S-FRAME Products 2017 Suite
S-FRAME是一套完整的结构分析软件,包括有Structural Office R17,S-CONCRETE,S-FRAME,S-LINE和S-PAD,小编这里带来的是套装安装,并带来激活补丁,具体激活教程可以参考本文!
Structural Office R17是一套具有强大BIM / CAD链接的结构分析和设计软件,旨在提高项目利益相关方之间的生产力和协作。
Structural Office的各种组件可以单独购买或捆绑在Structural Office中,除了S-STEEL Design之外,它们也可以作为独立应用程序运行。S-CONCRETE - 钢筋混凝土梁,柱和墙的综合截面设计和细节工具。其强大的图形输出功能可在设计参数发生变化时立即向工程师反馈。 S-CONCRETE与S-FRAME集成。
S-FRAME - 一个完整的结构建模,分析和设计环境。 S-FRAME具有许多生产力工具,高级分析,各种材料模型,灵活的负载组合方法,快速和准确的求解器技术,所有这些都捆绑在强大而直观的用户界面中。
S-LINE - 直观而强大的独立应用程序,用于连续钢筋混凝土梁的分析,设计和细部设计。 S-LINE支持代码检查和自动化设计,并针对各种类型的细节设计了多种设计代码。
S-PAD - 独立的钢质设计和优化产品。快速检查立柱,横梁或支架,无需为整个结构建立详细的模型。考虑建造结构工程师顾问。

S-FRAME Products 2017 Suite | 700.7 mb

S-FRAME Software Inc., developer of structural engineering software solutions used by Structural and Civil Engineering Professionals worldwide, has announced the release of S-FRAME Products 2017 Suite, is a major release with expanded capabilities designed tomake it easier for users to model complex geometry, generate more accurate analysis results, integrate model data from other 3rd party software plus more.

Summary of S-FRAME 2017 Release new capabilites.

- Automatically convert 1-D beams members into 2D shell elemnts for enhanced analysis results.
- Caluclate Pass-Through/Transfer forces at connecting members using the new pass thourgh force tool
- Model complex geometry easier with improved mesh algorithms that identify and correct for overlapping panels, etc.
- ICD (Integrated Concrete Design) additions

New support for continuous concrete beam design and detailing
Shear and Torsion evaluation improvements/corrections for beam and column sections that impact ACI, CSA, BS, and CP design codes
Design of Walls to Eurocode 2 - EN 1992-1-1:2004
Support for section design according to CSA A23.3-14
- S-STEEL (Integrated Steel Design) additions
Torsion Design now supported (including warping effects) for AISC, CISC, and Euro codes for open and closed sections
Support for AISC 360-16 LRFD + ASD design codes
Suppor for amendments to CSA S16-14 Classifications

For the full list of new and improved features, and fixed bugs please refer to the release notes located here

S-FRAME Products 2017 Suite

About S-FRAME Products 2017 Suite. Structural Office R17 is a suite of structural analysis and design software with powerful BIM/CAD links, is designed to increase productivity and collaboration among projects' stakeholders. The various components of Structural Office may be purchased separately or bundled together within Structural Office, and with the exception of S-STEEL Design, they can all operate as stand-alone applications as well.

S-CONCRETE - comprehensive section design and detailing tool of reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls. Its powerful graphical output capabilities provide immediate feedback to the engineer as design parameters are changed. S-CONCRETE is integrated with S-FRAME.
S-FRAME - a complete structural modeling, analysis, and design environment. S-FRAME features numerous productivity tools, advanced analyses, a variety of material models, flexible load combination methods, fast and accurate solver technology all bundled within a powerful and intuitive user interface.
S-LINE - an intuitive yet powerful standalone application for the analysis, design and detailing of continuous reinforced concrete beams. S-LINE supports code checking and automated design and detailing to multiple design codes for a variety of section types.
S-PAD - a standalone steel design and optimization product. Quickly check columns, beams or braces without the need to build a detailed model for the complete structure. Built with the structural engineer consultant in mind

About S-FRAME Software Inc. Since 1981, after introducing its first commercially available 2D analysis program, S-FRAME Software has led the industry in the development of easy-to-use, reliable, and innovative analysis and design software products trusted by structural and civil engineers worldwide working in a multitude of industries. S-FRAME’s Structural Office is a structural model management environment that enables users to design robust structures regardless of geometric complexity, material types, loading conditions, nonlinear effects, and design-code requirements. S-FRAME’s software products include: S-FRAME, S-STEEL, S-PAD, S-CALC, S-CONCRETE, S-LINE, S-VIEW, and S-FOUNDATION.

Product: S-FRAME Products
Version: 2017 Suite Enterprise
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 700.7 mb

Included: S-CONCRETE 2017 version 17.2.2
S-FRAME 2017 version 17.1.2
S-LINE 2017 version 17.1.2
S-PAD 2017 version 17.0.4

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