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8Dio Hybrid Tools NEO KONTAKT

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8Dio Hybrid Tools NEO KONTAKT
8Dio Hybrid Tools NEO KONTAKT | 12.6 Gb

NEO sets the new standard for cinematic music tools. The library contains over 21GB and +9.000 samples of new content – designed by Academy, T.E.C and G.A.N.G Award Winning Producer, Troels Folmann.

NEO contains 11 new Hybrid FX Categories, Over 400 analog multi-sampled synths, 500 score elements, 200 world-class kits, including 50 Contemporary Cinematic Techno Kits, 50 Current Trap Kits, 50 Popular EDM Kits and 50 Nu-Disco/House Kits. 100 BPM-synced risers (1, 2, 4 and 8 bars). 100s of sound design cinematic EDM vocals and many other elements.

Hybrid Tools NEO gives you the ultimate production tool for high-end cinematic music – combined with the latest trends in EDM sound design. NEO is based around our custom 3D mini-browser that allows you to access all sounds immediately. All core banks come preloaded in the internal browser, so you can audition dozens of patches without load-time. You can combine as many patches you want using our STACK key – and you can REVERSE, RANDOMIZE and CHAOS anything with a single click from the front-interface. Because lets be honest, some things just sound amazing backwards. Everything is right at your finger tips. So you can get back to the important stuff, making music.

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