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Siemens FiberSIM 16.0.1 for PTC Creo Parametric 3.0/4.0

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Siemens FiberSIM 16.0.1 for PTC Creo Parametric 3.0/4.0

Fibersim 概述


关于 Fibersim

定义复合零件需要工程师将聪明才智运用于曲面、层片边界和插入式边界几何体设计中。 复合材料设计需要用到大量数据,常被称为不可分割的层片装配。 其中每一个层片都可包含多达 150 个必须关联至几何体的属性。 Fibersim 使用更高级别的复合材料对象关联、可配置的复合材料数据库和经过业界检验的生产能力仿真功能,确保相应属性能始终如一地将工程师的灵感转为实际设计。

Fibersim 软件产品组合支持工程复合材料所需的高度复杂且注重细节的端到端设计和制造流程。 航空航天、汽车、船舶和风能行业的领军企业认识到复合材料将在未来的创新型轻型耐用产品的开发中发挥重要作用,此外了解单个复合零件所需的数据也很重要。 Fibersim 集成在包括 NX™ 软件、CATIA® V5 软件和 PTC Creo® 软件在内的领先型商用三维 CAD 系统中,可以实现无缝协同,是唯一一款能满足从概念、层合定义、层片生成到仿真、记录与制造的整个复合材料工程流程要求的综合软件。


Fibersim 支持复合零件开发过程中的每一个环节,包括:

  • 帮助工程师指定复合材料以及为作业选择最佳的层片创建方法(不论是基于层片、基于区域还是基于结构的设计)
  • 通过定义采用顺序剖面、降斜剖面和交错剖面(这些剖面可自动填充 CAD 模型)的过渡来自动创建层片几何图形,而摒弃了手动为每个层片创建 CAD 曲线这一枯燥无味的过程
  • 生成可变偏置曲面和实体,包括用来进行干涉检查的样机曲面、供联合在一起的零件使用的配合曲面以及用于制造环节的工装曲面
  • 通过自动生成工程文档和/或 Microsoft Excel 表格来验证和传达设计要求
  • 根据材料和制造流程来对零件的生产能力进行仿真,从而及早提供反馈并提升开发过程的效率
  • 定义制造边界和细节(如接头、三角形加强筋和条带走道),以降低成本并加快零件交付速度。
  • 自动创建制造文档来指导工厂的车间加工,从而确保铺层和产品质量的一致性。
  • 自动生成制造数据(例如用来驱动自动化切割机、激光投影系统、纤维布设机及铺带机的展平图和数据)并与下游环节以及在整个企业范围内共享这些数据

Siemens FiberSIM 16.0.1 for PTC Creo Parametric 3.0/4.0 | 273.7 mb

Siemens PLM Software has released FiberSIM 16.0.1. The software can be used to design and manufacture composite structures and is suitable for the aerospace, automotive, marine, and wind energy industries.

Key capabilities introduced in this release include the following:

- Persistent data for Zone Transitions, Splice Groups and Extended Ramps
. Building upon the persistent boundaries for layers and plies introduced in Fibersim 15.2, Fibersim 16 now also stores all the offset curves used to construct those layer and ply boundaries.
. Given that the vast majority of initial computation of layer boundaries is spent offsetting transitions, this project provides a huge performance benefit when working with complex zone-based designs. It also further protects against algorithm changes that affect layer and ply boundaries.
- Streamlined User Interface
. The entire Fibersim UI has been redesigned in a top-down “Go Fast” style that more closely matches NX, has a smaller footprint to show more of the CAD window, and dynamically updates forms to only show fields relevant to the current user selections.
. This should provide better usability for new users, easier product demos, and improved productivity for working with Fibersim and CAD.
- Expanded support for Wrapped Plies
. Based on customer feedback to the initial release of self-overlapping plies in Fibersim 15, Fibersim now supports the following for wrapped plies:
.. Ply holes and analysis data (weights)
.. Detailed design station
.. Analysis export
.. Plybooks
.Planar Cross Sections
.. Using a plane as input, users can now create nominal thickness cross sections that are more robust on complex geometry than traditional 3D cross sections, provide smoothing controls (ramp ratio), and get closer to the common “pretty picture” request from users.

This is a list of the enhancements and fixes for the 16.0.1 release:

- Corrected issue: Teamcenter 11.2 template uses wrong case for JETCAM Flat Pattern exports
There was a problem exporting JETCAM flat patterns from Fibersim to Teamcenter 11 using the
templates previously provided. The export would fail due to this error:
Fibersim is attempting to set the reference FS2_JETCAM while the template for 11.2 does not use all
upper case; instead it appears as “FS2_Jetcam”.
The template has been fixed for the 16.0.1 release.
- Corrected issue: Attempting to delete a material specification within a laminate specification
provides an error about generic objects
This issue prevented the deletion of material specifications within the laminate specifaction form.
This has been fixed for the 16.0.1 release.

About Siemens FiberSIM The nature of fiber-reinforced plastic products require rapid changes in the way analysis, design and manufacturing is traditionally performed. Unravel the complexities of these materials with the Fibersim portfolio of software. Experience a concurrent engineering process where analysis and design are performed in the context of the manufacturing process, which is key to developing optimal designs. The open architecture of Fibersim provides a specialized engineering environment to create a composite digital twin in NX, CATIA, or CREO.

About Siemens PLM Software. Siemens PLM Software, a business unit of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, is a world-leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, systems and services with headquartered in Plano, Texas, Siemens PLM Software helps thousands of companies make great products by optimizing their lifecycle processes, from planning and development through manufacturing and support. Our HD-PLM vision is to give everyone involved in making a product the information they need, when they need it, to make the smartest decisions.

Product: Siemens FiberSIM
Version: 16.0.1 for Creo Parametric 3.0-4.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Software Prerequisites: *
Size: 273.7 mb
Creo Parametric 3.0
Creo Parametric 4.0 M010 minimum
Creo Parametric 5.0 not supported !!

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