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Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

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Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
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Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform LiveLessons teaches the basics of Google Cloud so you can better understand this key platform. Chad Smith, a Google and AWS certified instructor, designed this course to help you make sense of the choices available in GCP by providing a foundational view of cloud infrastructure, and how it differs from its on-premise counterpart. You will learn all about commonly used services and how they integrate with one another and with on- premise infrastructures.
Migrating to the cloud can be a journey full of misinformation and assumptions. In addition, the differences between on-premise IT infrastructure and cloud infrastructure make it difficult to understand which services can be appropriate for workloads. Worldwide, cloud-first strategies are being replaced by cloud-only strategies, and for companies who haven't begun migration, the choices can be overwhelming.

Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

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  1. Google云平台入门 本教程讲授的是Google云的基础知识,这样你可以更好地理解这款重要的平台。Chad Smith,是一名Google和AWS认证的讲师,设计了本教程来帮助你通过从基础的视角来看云基础架构,以及其与其他的竞争对手的区别来认识GCP中可用的选择。你将会学习所有常用到的服务以及如何将他们与预装的基础架构互相整合。 迁移到云会是一个充满了错误信息和假设的旅程。另外,其预装IT基础架构和云基础架构之间的区别,使其难于理解哪些服务适用于哪些工作。世界范围来看,云优先的策略正在为云唯一策略所替代,对于那些还没有开始迁移的公司来说,这些选择是势不可挡的。
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