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Golaem Crowd 6.3 x64

Golaem Crowd 6.3

Golaem Crowd是一款功能强大的插件工具,这款插件的主要用途就是填充人数,在各种影视剧中,战争片里总能看到成千上万的人打仗,但在现实哪来那么多演员啊,要想演员多还得靠特技,使用Golaem Crowd添加仿真人群,才有了如今这么多千奇百怪的影视剧。

Golaem Crowd 6.3 | 92.4 mb

Golaem releases Golaem Crowd 6.3, is a crowd creation tool for Autodesk Maya, and it manages everything from making, animating and simulating a crowd, to rendering.

GOLAEM 6.3 (2018/05/07)

- Golaem up axis is now dynamic (related to the terrain geometry normal)
- New Python API to read and write Simulation Cache Files
- New SetTerrain Behavior to change the ground geometry of Entities
- Adding Behaviors in a Behavior Graph does not influence previously generated random numbers anymore
- Warning message when a sane scene is opened with a PLE License
- Warning message when a hierarchy mismatch in detected in the Character Maker
- rgbPP value can be displayed by the Simulation Cache Proxy node
- Improved geometry / vertex cache support in the Golaem Character Geometry file (.gcg)
- New isAnimationEnabled Channel
- New Shelf Icon when running Golaem with a PLE License
- New "Update Mode" in the Terrain Locator
- New "Static" Formation Main Way mode in the SetFormation Behavior
- Improved bone orientation for IK chain with more than 3 bones
- Improved "Conversion Factor" computation in the Character Maker
- Improved performances when opening a Character File in the Character Maker
- Maya meshes inside Golaem do handle non uniform scales now
- New "Remap by Name" option when importing animation in the Character Maker
- Arnold 5 nodes are now created in a "golaem" namespace in the Arnold Render Proxy
- Added support for user callbacks when most Golaem nodes are created
- Fixed ground adaptation jittering (due to time warping)
- Fixed ground adaptation when using the "When Support Phase Changes" mode on hard slopes
- Fixed computation of null length bones orientation in IK chains with more than 3 bones
- Fixed conversion of IK chains with null length bones
- Fixed Conversion Quality Indicator with null length bones
- Fixed Shader Attribute creation when shared by multiple shaders in the Character Maker
- Fixed naming of duplicated rendering types in the Character Maker
- Fixed cloth cache export on meshes with multiple materials
- Fixed cloth cache rendering when using Time Edition Layers in the Simulation Layout Tool
- Fixed cloth cache rendering when an Entity is selection in the Simulation Layout Tool
- Fixed rotation when using different axis in the Edit Bone Layer of the Simulation Layout Tool
- Fixed duplicated Entity Ids after baking to Alembic in the Simulation Layout Tool
- Fixed merge of Simulation Layout File in the Simulation Layout Tool
- Fixed a crash when baking meshes with multiple materials as Alembic
- Fixed a crash when dragging a Population Tool on an empty space
- Fixed a crash when using Animation Channels on emitted Entities
- Fixed a crash when rendering incomplete meshes
- Fixed a crash when using the Population Tool as emitter with 0 slots
- Fixed a crash when hiding a Motion Locator
- Fixed a crash when an Entity Type is invalid in the Simulation Cache File in the Katana plugin
- Fixed lateral clearance computation in Group Entities
- Fixed desired velocity in Group Entities
- Fixed the display of the Polygon Population Tool
- Fixed an error message in the Population Tool Paint Attribute UI
- Fixed frame index when using Locomotion Channels in the Visual Feedback
- Fixed blendshape Render Previz issue, when the Character bind pose and rest pose do not match
- Fixed entity selection disabling rendering of cloth meshes
- Fixed badly exported simulation cache when an emitter did not emit all of it's entities
- IK Cache configuration is now on the CharacterMaker Locator instead of the CharacterMaker UI
- Chosen slot is displayed as Local / Final target in the Visual Feedback when using the Formation Behavior
- Two Sided display is enabled by default in the Entity Type and Simulation Cache Proxy nodes
- Increased the default radius of a Flock Locator
- rgbPP is exported by default by the Simulation Exporter
- Mtoa 3.0, 2.X
- V-Ray For Maya 3.6X, 3.5X & 3.40.XX
- V-Ray For 3ds Max 3.60.XX
- Renderman Studio 21.3 & 21.4
- Mental Ray 3.13.X
- Redshift 2.5.34
- 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX & 12.X
- Guerilla Render 1.4.4
- Katana 2.5 and 2.6 from KtoA, 2.0.4 and RfK 21.6
Also supported (but must be manually installed):
- Mtoa 1.4.X
- Redshift 2.0.91-93

About Golaem Crowd. Golaem Crowd is an artist friendly crowd simulation tool for Maya used in production by a long and growing list of visual effect studios. With Golaem it’s easy to create diversity and apply behaviors to create natural looking crowds in a shorter time than has traditionally been possible. This introduction course assumes no previous knowledge of Golaem Crowd, but covers all aspects of the software and is based on direct production experience, so even existing users should find something new to learn.

About Golaem. Golaem develops artist-friendly tools to animate digital characters. Integrated in Autodesk Maya, Golaem makes it fast and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Artists from all over the globe use Golaem to bring life to commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games.

Product: Golaem Crowd
Version: 6.3
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://golaem.com/
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Software Prerequisites: Autodesk Maya 2016-2018
Size: 92.4 mb

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