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Illustrator for Web Design

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Illustrator for Web Design
Illustrator for Web Design
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Adobe Illustrator is a key tool for creating web content and assets. Using the strong layout and color management tools in Illustrator along with ability to use vector-based assets, designers can create vibrant web assets. In this course, Emily Kay breaks down the key features and workflows that web designers need to know to get up and running quickly. Emily covers topics such as designing responsively, using the library for asset management, and how using graphic and typographic styles and symbols allow you to streamline and control elements globally. She also goes over the development process—including how to create site maps, wireframes, moodboards, and comps—and explains how to create and export optimized web graphics and SVG files for scalable, resolution-independent graphics in the browser.

Illustrator for Web Design

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  1. Web设计中的Illustrator Illustrator是用于创建web内容和资源的重要工具。使用Illustrator中强大的布局和颜色管理工具以及基于矢量的资源,设计师可以创建出活灵活现的web资源。在本教程中,Emily Kay会将web设计师需要了解的重要功能和工作流程分解,以帮助你快速上手掌握。Emily会讲到的内容有设计响应式、使用类库管理资源、以及使用图像和字体风格以及原件让你方便地控制元素。她还会讲到开发过程,包括如何创建站点图、线框图、情绪板凳内容,并且还会讲解如何创建和导出用于web的优化过的SVG可扩展的在浏览器中解析率独立的图像。
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