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Synium Logoist 3.0 MacOSX

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Logo、标题艺术、图像、横幅、网站元素、贺卡、按钮、iBooks作者标题、图片拼贴、桌面背景……任何你可以叫出名号的图形,Logoist for Mac都可以办得到,通过 Logoist for Mac可以绘制出非常漂亮的图像。使用Layers分层设计图片,可获得纷繁复杂的设计效果和亮眼的着色。在你所设计的图片中,Logoist集合预设、剪贴画和样式效果于一体。




Logoist 中的每一层都可以达到平面的颜色、样式、 渐变效果,甚至可达到使用着色器的效果。如果需要边框,可为任何图层添加融合有其他效果的多个边框。

Logoist 拥有3000 多个矢量剪贴画图像,用于设计商标、标题或者图标。效果和着色器可以应用于已添加至Logoist项目的所有剪贴画图像。

Synium Logoist 3x | MacOSX | 103.9 MB

Logos, Title Art, Icons, Banners, Web Site Elements, Greeting Cards, Buttons, iBooks Author Titles, Picture Collages, Desktop Backgrounds.... you name it! Create stunning imagery with Logoist for Mac. Logoist allows you to design images using layers, sophisticated effects and eye-catching shaders. Logoist comes with over 3.000 vector clipart images, over 200 configureable effect presets and over 150 patterns!

Title Art
Logoist is the perfect tool to create stunning title artwork in minutes. Quickly try out different layouts, fonts and styles without using a complicated and expensive application that requires a degree to use. Export your work either for websites in standard screen resolution or save it as print-ready images in up to 600dpi.

Invitations & Greeting Cards
Create eye-catching invitations and greeting cards in just a few minutes: Logoist lets you choose from over 3000 clipart images it comes with. Enrich your logo by applying filters and effects in no time. Use layers to add more images or text. Be creative and design stunning logos for invitations. Impress your friends, relatives and colleagues with original work.

Stand out from the masses - Catching your audience’s attention is your key concern when it comes to advertisement. Logoist lets you create breathtaking artwork that can do just that. With its easy to use editor and intuitive interface, Logoist is an incredibly simple to use application that lets you create the advertisement you deserve without the need for an entire graphics department.

Web Site Artwork
Need to create buttons, backgrounds, icons or other elements for your blog? You want your child’s football team to have the best looking website? Logoist saves you hours of work by offering many built-in effects and presets. Details like the thought-through font selector make this even more of a breeze. Logoist shows you a preview of any font that’s installed on your Mac and lets you preview all shaders and effects applied.

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