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Java 8 Essential Training

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Java 8 Essential Training
Java 8 Essential Training
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 6:04:35 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 967.0 MB

If you want to build applications for mobile devices, desktop computers, or the web, you need to know Java. This course provides the foundation for learning Java SE (Standard Edition), so you can build your first apps or start exploring the language on your own. Author David Gassner shows how to install Java and the IntelliJ IDEA IDE, and start working with variables, data types, keywords, and other critical language components. He also helps you control program flow with conditional logic and loops, store data with the Java Collections Framework, and understand how Java implements object-oriented coding principles such as inheritance and polymorphism.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the history and principles of Java
  • Installing Java, IntelliJ IDEA, and BlueJ
  • Creating a Java project
  • Working with variables, values, and expressions
  • Working with object data types
  • Building, comparing, and parsing strings
  • Debugging and exception handling
  • Creating loops and reusable code
  • Passing arguments by reference or value
  • Using simple and complex arrays
  • Creating custom classes
  • Understanding inheritance and polymorphism
  • Managing files with Java libraries
  • Documenting code with Javadoc
  • Packaging classes in JAR files

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  1. Java 8基础教程 如果你希望为移动设备、桌面计算机或web开发应用,那么你需要知道Java。本教程为你学习Java SE提供了基础性的学习,以方便你能够编写出你的第一个应用,或开始自学Java。作者David Gassner会为你讲解如何安装Java和IntelliJ IDEA IDE,并开始使用变量、数据类型、关键字和其他重要的语言组件。他还会帮助你通过条件逻辑和循环控制程序,使用Java Collections Framework手机数据,以及理解Java如何实现OO编程原理,如继承4和多态。 主要内容: • 了解Java的历史和原理 • 安装Java、IntelliJ IDEA和BlueJ • 创建一个Java项目 • 使用变量、值和表达式 • 使用对象数据类型 • 开发、比较和解析字符 • 调试和已外处理 • 创建循环和可复用的代码 • 通过引用或值传递参数 • 使用简单和复杂的数组 • 创建自定义类 • 理解继承和多态 • 使用Java类库管理文件 • 通过JavaDoc记录代码 通过JAR文件打包类
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