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Going beyond Dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics

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Going beyond Dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics
Going beyond Dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics
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Cognos Analytics is the latest version of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and brings IBM right back into the game against new-age competitors such as QlikView and Tableau. This next-generation, sleek, unified tool provides end users, power-users, and IT professional with a fast, intent-driven dashboard and report-authoring interface on top of the strong foundation that IBM Cognos has provided over decades.

This course focuses on the advanced aspects of Dashboard creation and, assuming you have already done the dashboard course, starts with the rapid development of a tabbed dashboard, then moves on to the creation of stories and finally the distribution and maintenance of Dashboards. The course also explains the limitations of the Dashboarding tool and shows how to mitigate them in the report development tool. It is completely dedicated to Cognos Analytics – Reporting, the advanced report authoring tool.

The philosophy behind this course is that professional report authoring and dashboard development require you to use the full-fledged report development tool offered by Cognos v11. Going further you will master the Report Tool interface and learn how to create a report dashboard l using simple objects (for beginners). Then you quickly move on to advanced topics to overcome the limitations of Dashboard tool such as drill-through, prompt manipulation, advanced data formatting, making the dashboards printable, conditional highlighting, and more.

This course is designed to be complementary to the Report Studio v10 book and video course, and also complementary to Cognos Analytics v11 Dashboards for Power Users and Authors. It does not replace any of those books or courses

Going beyond Dashboards with IBM Cognos Analytics

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  1. IBM Cognos Analytics带你超越仪表盘 Cognos Analytics是IBM Cognos Business Intelligence的最新版本,凭借它将IBM带回到了新时代与竞争对手,如QliView和tableau的游戏中了。这款下一代的、漂亮的集中化工具,为终端用户、超级用户和IT专业人士带来了基于IBM Cognos已有着几十年经验的快速的、目的驱动的仪表盘和报表开发界面。 本教程集中于仪表盘创建的高级内容,假设你已经学习过仪表盘相关教程,我们会从标签页仪表盘的快速开发开始,然后转向故事的创建,最后将是仪表盘的发布和维护。教程还会讲解仪表盘工具的局限,并演示如何将它们迁移到报表开发工具中。 本教程背后的哲学是专业的报表开发和仪表盘开发,这需要你使用完整的Cognos v11中的报表开发工具。进一步说,你将掌握报表工具界面并学习如何使用简单对象创建报表仪表盘。然后你将快速地学习如客服仪表盘工具限制,如钻取、提示操作、高级数据格式化、让仪表盘可以被打印、条件加亮等高级内容。
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