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The Pixel Farm PFTrack 2017.06.23

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The Pixel Farm PFTrack 2017.06.23
The Pixel Farm PFTrack 2017.06.23 | 70.5 mb

PFTrack enables computer generated effects to be matched with film or video sequences no matter what their resolution. PFTrack is also a suite of analysis technologies designed to extract both detailed camera information and pixel motion data from video and film sequences and allow this data to be fully utilized within a post-production environment.

Tracking professionals throughout the VFX industry regard PFTrack as the most innovative product of its kind. With unparalleled flexibility, functionality and precision, it is the go to matchmoving and layout software for a reason: It does what the competition can’t.

Building on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine, PFTrack adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software, empowering visual artists to recreate entire scenes within an accurate world space defined by real camera metrics.

Every VFX pipeline will benefit from data that only PFTrack can deliver, meaning creative possibilities are limitless, and accessible within a single working environment that inspires imagination.

Website Home Page : http://www.thepixelfarm.co.uk/pftrack/

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