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Let’s JavaScript! Code a To-Do List App

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Let's JavaScript! Code a To-Do List App
Let's JavaScript! Code a To-Do List App
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Coding for beginner's

JavaScript is known as a front end language for web applications. According to the Developer Survey of 2016 by Stack Overflow, JavaScript was surveyed to be the most commonly used programming language on the web.

Learning a new language can be complicated and time consuming. Let Kauress guide you through beginners projects in JavaScript and the DOM! You will code 5 projects in JavaScript from scratch. Building upon basic concepts and applying them in your projects. The projects you code will allow you to manipulate user input and build dynamic web components of an otherwise static web-page. And by the end of this project series you would have coded 5 productivity web-apps in JavaScript

Code your way into learning JavaScript and Let’s JavaScript!

Goal of the project series:

To teach the basic constructs of JavaScript by coding projects.

The projects:

This is a complete hands on series and the projects we will be coding are:

1. A single operation calculator: The calculator allow you to add, subtract multiply and divide 2 numbers with or without a decimal point. Our calculator will also have A backspace and clear feature. Our calculator will automatically start new calculations after the equal to operator is clicked. Eval has not used!

2. A to-do List : A to-do list based on arrays and array methods which will allow you to add, strike through or delete individual items and additionally you can also add an item using the enter key on your keyboard and then clear the list

3. WYSIWYG editor: A what you is see is what you get editor which will have all the basic features of a standard text editor such as bold, center align , color text and so on. This project include new topics like local storage, which will allow your draft to be saved even after you refresh the page

4. Pomodoro: A pomodoro is a productivity method to track work and break durations, the pomodoro will have functions such as start, pause and reset. And it will automatically start the break duration after the work period is over

5. Calender widget: A calendar widget that shows not only the current , previous and next day but also the current time and local weather. And in this project you will be use the date and time objects and an API

Let's JavaScript! Code a To-Do List App

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  1. 使用JavaScript开发一个任务列表应用 JavaScript是广为人知的用于web应用的前端语言。基于Stack Overflow的开发者2016调查显示,JavaScript是最常使用的web编程语言。 学习一门新语言既费时又费力。让Kauress帮助你通过项目的实践学习JavaScript和DOM。你将从头开发5个JavaScript项目。基于基础概念并将其应用于你的项目。这些项目可以让你操作用户输入并开发静态网页的动态web组件。学习完本教程,你会得到5个JavaScript应用程序。 这些项目是: • 一个简单的计算器 • 一个任务列表,这会涉及到数组及其方法的使用 • 一个所见即所得的编辑器 • 番茄工作法 日历插件
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