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Pro Sound Effects Industrial Sounds with Soul WAV

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Pro Sound Effects Industrial Sounds with Soul WAV screenshotFANTASTiC | Sept 30 2017 | 550 MB

Recorded and designed by legendary film sound pioneers Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet, Industrial Sounds with Soul is a sound effects library featuring unique recordings of roaring factory ambience, hypnotic oscillating rhythmic machinery, metallic clanks, clicks, ticks and more.

Following the Cinematic Winds library, Industrial Sounds with Soul is the second exclusive release by Pro Sound Effects curated from Sound Mountain: Kroeber and Splet’s renowned private recording collection created over decades of film sound work with major directors like David Lynch, Carroll Ballard, and Peter Weir. Kroeber has since worked on or supplied sounds for film, television, and games - including 6 movies that won an Academy Award® in sound, and 7 additional nominations.

Immerse your audience in the industrial setting of your current project. Create subconscious tension and artfully steer narrative with subtle, emotive recordings of ominous mechanical humming, gurgling percolators, and hissing steam pipes.

Like all of our exclusive specialty libraries, Industrial Sounds with Soul is included in the Pro Sound Effects Master Library.

The variety, quality, and deep character captured in this small boutique sound library is sure to spark creative inspiration for sound professionals in film, television, game audio, music production and beyond. Take your sonic creation to the next level by dragging and dropping the artful work of Kroeber and Splet into your production.

Rich embedded metadata helps you find the exact sound you need with descriptions that go beyond the literal to detail the emotional power of the recordings. The sound effects are grouped within five main categories:

Machines: Rhythmic, roaring, whirling, banging
Mechanical: Gears, rotors, clicking, squeaking, rattling
Ambiences: Rumbling, droning, dense, ominous
Power Tools: Revving, idling, pumping, pounding
Voices - Beasts: Intense, warped, reverberant, giant

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