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CryptoPrevent Premium Edition

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CryptoPrevent Premium Edition

CryptoPrevent是一个很小的工具锁定任何Windows OS,以防止感染由Cryptolocker的恶意软件或'勒索',这对个人文件进行加密,然后提供一个支付赎金解密。

CryptoPrevent人工植入到注册表的组策略对象,以阻止在某些地方的某些可执行文件运行。请注意,因为被人为创建组策略对象,他们不会显示在组策略编辑器的Windows专业版 - 但放心,他们还在那里!

CryptoPrevent Premium Edition | 10.9 Mb

CryptoPrevent is a robust anti-virus/anti-malware software supplement, filling a huge gap that exists with traditional security solutions to provide protection against a growing multitude of new and emerging ransomware and other malicious software threats.

Supported Configurations
CryptoPrevent is designed to peacefully co-exist alongside existing solutions, create no detectable impact in normal system performance, demand no time for maintenance, nor requiring any specialized user knowledge for usage.

New Features in v8 (Premium Edition Only)

New: HoneyPot Ransomware Protection – Very effective in preventing new and unknown ransomware from encrypting your files! When malicious activity is detected ALL non-essential programs are terminated, stopping malicious software dead in its tracks.

New: KillEmAll v5 Integrations – Based on the new code platform of the coming 3rd generation ‘d7x’ PC technician utilities, KillEmAll v5 allows for fast termination of non-essential programs including malware and ransomware, and is integrated into the new Tray Icon along with other useful features!

New: Tray Icon Features and Notifications – Easily change/view CryptoPrevent settings or activate the KillEmAll v5 integration. Notifications are displayed when the original SRP, Program Filtering, Folder Watch, or HoneyPot protections have been triggered.

New/Improved: Customization Abilities – Customize CryptoPrevent with powerful blacklisting/whitelisting support and in new ways including the new Folder Watch protections (which cannot be customized in the Free Edition.)

New/Improved: Command Line Parameters – Customize various settings with updated and robust command line parameters. A large number of new parameters have been introduced in v8. Synchronize deployments and changes with ease or update systems with batch files.

CryptoPrevent supports any Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 – including Windows ‘Home’ editions)

Home Page - http://www.foolishit.com/

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