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Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework

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Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework
Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn how to build conversational user interfaces with the Microsoft Bot Framework

Reflecting the next radical revolution in human-computer interaction, this Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework video will help you leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to empower new and existing applications with stunningly intuitive conversational interfaces.

Long-time Microsoft MVP Joe Mayo begins with high-level explanations of what Microsoft Bot Framework is, what you can do with it, and why it matters so much. Next, he presents the foundational knowledge you need to start creating real bots and conversational user interfaces (CUIs). Step by step, you'll learn how to build message dialogs, manage conversations, implement dialogs, incorporate powerful natural language processing with Microsoft's advanced Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS), add GUI elements to a chatbot, and finally publish your chatbot. Mayo also offers detailed guidance on deploying your customized bots to key platforms such as Skype.

Throughout, Mayo's practical examples combine code with clear explanations of when and why you would perform each task. From start to finish, Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework is relentlessly practical, helping you translate the advanced "magic" of intelligent bots into real solutions right now.

Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework

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  1. Microsoft Bot框架编程 学习如何使用Bot框架开发对话式用户界面。 体现了下一代在人机互动方面理性的变革,本教程将会帮助你利用高级的ai和自然语言处理,通过令人炫目的直观对话式界面,加强新的和已有的应用程序功能。 老牌微软MVP Joe Mayo会高屋建瓴地介绍何为Bot框架,可以用来做什么,以及其为何重要。接下来,他会演示开始创建真正bot和对话式用户界面所需要的基础知识。一步步地,你将学习如何开发消息对话框、管理对话、实现对话、通过微软的高级语言理解智能服务加入强大的自然语言处理,添加GUI元素到对话机器人,以及最终发布你的对话机器人。Mayo还会提供详尽的部署定制机器人到如Skype这样重要的平台的指导。 通过Mayo真实的案例,加上对执行任务时码清晰的讲解,本教程是你将智能机器人带入的我们真正工作中的重要学习参考。
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