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UX Foundations: Accessibility

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UX Foundations: Accessibility
UX Foundations: Accessibility
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 1:20:22 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 920.7 MB

The Internet has removed many obstacles to communication and interaction. However, when websites, technologies, or tools are poorly designed, they can create barriers that exclude people with disabilities from using the web. In this course, you'll learn how accessibility lowers the barrier to entry, by providing equal access and opportunity to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. Derek Featherstone introduces the core concepts of accessibility as they apply to UX design, including an overview of the assistive technology visitors may use to access your projects. He includes practical examples, from re-creating visual interactions to writing great alternative text; introduces different personas and their unique challenges navigating the web; and shows how to make accessibility a regular part of your design workflow. Once you learn the foundations, you'll find that the benefits of accessibility–enhanced search, improved usability, and increased audience reach–aid your designs almost as much as they aid your users.

Topics include:

  • What is accessibility?
  • Managing flow
  • Ensuring proximity in your design
  • Understanding how screen readers and voice recognition programs work
  • Designing for hearing, vision, mobility, and cognitive issues
  • Considering accessibility in layout
  • Integrating accessibility into your content strategy

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  1. UX基础:可访问性 互联网将沟通和互动之间许多障碍消除了。然而当网站、技术或工具被设计得糟糕的时候,他们所造成的障碍则会将残障人士阻挡在使用互联网之外。在本教程中,你将学习可访问性如何通过为具有听力、行动、视觉和认知障碍等广泛的人却提供同等的访问和机会从而降低障碍。Derek Featherstone会讲到可访问性在应用在UX设计上的核心概念,包括对访客用来访问你的项目的辅助技术。他会通过真实的案例,从重构视觉交互到编写优秀的替换文本;介绍不同的人物角色和他们在浏览web时所遇到的独特挑战;以及演示如何让可访问性成为你的日常设计工作流程的一部分。一旦你学习了这些基础知识,你将会发现可访问性的好处:提高搜索、改善可用性以及增加受众对你的设计的接触辅助差不多与他们对你的用户帮助一样多。 主要内容: • 何为可访问性 • 管理工作流程 • 确保设计的接近成都 • 理解屏幕阅读器和语音识别程序的工作原理 • 对于听力、视觉、行为和认知障碍的设计 • 对布局中的可访问性的考虑 将可访问性整合到你的内容策略中
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