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CSS: Styling Forms

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CSS: Styling Forms
CSS: Styling Forms
MP4 | Video: 540p | Duration: 4:01:16 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 484.3 MB

This course covers CSS best practices and techniques for styling and structuring forms. Author Ray Villalobos explains how forms work, best practices for structuring HTML, new additions to forms in HTML5, and how to style individual elements. The course discusses how to use CSS to style traditional and custom elements and reviews browser discrepancies, custom elements, and custom fonts and how to style for different types of user feedback. Advanced CSS layouts and design patterns and issues specific to styling for handhelds are also covered. 

Topics include:

  • Creating forms with the <form> element
  • Adding labels and basic usability features
  • Navigating elements between browsers
  • Styling the background
  • Creating input and button fields
  • Working with select fields
  • Floating and positioning grouped elements
  • Using HTML5 input types
  • Resizing elements and adjusting the view for mobile devices
  • Adding jQuery navigation
  • Designing validation feedback

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  1. CSS:样式化表单 本教程涵盖了用于样式和结构化表单的CSS最佳实践和技术。作者Ray Villalobos会讲解表单的工作原理、结构HTML的最佳实践、HTML5中表单的新增内容,以及如何样式化个别元素。本教程讨论了如何使用CSS样式化传统和定制化元素,并回顾了浏览器之间的差异、定制元素以及定制字体和如何样式化不同类型的用户反馈。用于手持设备的高级CSS布局和设计模式和问题也会被讲到。 主要内容: • 通过表单元素创建表单 • 添加标签和基本的可用性功能 • 在浏览器之间导航元素 • 样式化背景 • 创建输入和按钮字段 • 处理选择字段 • 浮动和定位组合元素 • 使用HTML5输入类型 • 调整元素大小以及调整用于移动设备的视图 • 添加jQuery导航 设计验证反馈
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