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Implementing Tabular Data Models

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Implementing Tabular Data Models
Implementing Tabular Data Models
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Looking for faster and easier access to data insights? Take a deep dive into in-memory databases, known as tabular models, supported by SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) tools in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Learn to enrich the data model to meet analytical requirements, get the details on DAX queries for custom reporting, and hear tips and techniques for near real-time solutions.Watch experts Julie Koesmarno (fresh from her speaking engagement at SQL PASS Summit 2014 and Patrick LeBlanc, as they show some exciting demos, including a step-by-step build of an actual tabular data model, plus some common pitfalls to avoid. If you have tons of data and want to build successful self-service analysis and corporate BI solutions

Implementing Tabular Data Models

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  1. 实施表格化数据模型 正在寻找对数据洞察更快更简单的洞察方法吗?那么就深入地学习一些有SQL Server分析服务所带来的内存数据库吧。它也被成为表格化模型,是内鉴于sQL Server 2012和2014中的服务。学习如何加强数据模型以达到分析的需求、深入了解用于定制报表的DAX查询,倾听真实解决方案中的技巧和技术。观看专家Julie Koesmarno在SQL PASS 2014峰会上所带来的这部视频,其中你会看到令人激动的演示,包括一步步第开发表格化数据模型,以及一些常见的需要避免的陷阱。如果你有着海量的数据需要开发成功的自助服务分析和企业BI解决方案,那么本教程适合于你。
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