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Node.js, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment

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$100 | Duration: 9 hours | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, 2 Ch | 1.3 GB
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Created by Brad Traversy | Last updated 10/2017

Learn by example building & deploying real-world Node.js applications from absolute scratch

What Will I Learn?

Build high quality applications built with Node, Express and MongoDB
Implement authentication including local & Google OAuth strategies
Create data models with Mongoose ODM

Prepare & deploy apps to production with Heroku
Learn ES6 concepts like arrow functions, template strings & promises


Basic HTML / CSS knowledge
A good understanding of JavaScript Fundamentals (functions, objects, loops, etc)


In this 8.5 hour course you will learn by example building 2 real world server-side applications from scratch all the way up to deployment with a real domain. No more confusion about how to build a Node app for production and not just on your localhost.

You will learn how to structure your Node/Express applications, create data models, relate data, display views, authenticate users, create helpers and much more...


An application where content creators can register and jot down and manage ideas for future videos

The first project is quite simple as it is meant to be an introduction where I explain everything about Express routing, middleware, templates, Mongoose, etc. We implement Passport and a local strategy where we store emails as usernames and encrypted passwords in our database. We will prepare and deploy this app to Heroku and add a domain name


A much more sophisticated project. A social network for creating public and private stories.

This app uses a Google OAuth 2.0 strategy for authentication. Users can login and create stories which can be set to public or private.They can also choose if comments are allowed to be posted. We will create a dashboard for users to manage their stories. We will create helpers for authentication and access control as well as handlebars template helpers. We will prepare and deploy this app to Heroku and add a domain name

Who is the target audience?
Anyone that wants to learn how to build & deploy apps built with Node, Express & MongoDB
Node.js, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment

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  1. Node.js, Express & MongoDB开发与部署 零基础通过案例学习开发和部署真正的Node.js应用。 在这部8.5小时的教程中,你将通过从零开发并部署两个真实的服务器端应用学习。你将学习如何结构你的Node/Express应用、创建数据模型、相关数据、显示视图、认证用户以及创建帮助等。 项目1是内容创建者可以注册和记录以及在以后管理创意的应用。这个项目非常简单,因为它是对Express路由、中间件、模板、Mongoose等内容的介绍。我们实施Passport和本地策略存储邮件作为用户名,并在数据库中对密码加密。我们将会把这款app部署到Heroku并为其添加域名。 项目2是一个相对复杂的项目,它是要创建公开和私有存储的。这款app使用Google Oauth 2.0用于认证。用户可以登录和创建故事并设置是公开还是私密。他们还可以选择评论是否对所有人可用。我们将创建一个用于用户管理故事的仪表盘。我们还将创建帮助用于认证和访问控制。最后将其部署的带有域名的Heroku上。 主要内容: • 开发高质量Node、Express和MongoDB应用程序 • 部署包括本地和谷歌oauth的认证 • 使用mongoose odm创建数据模型 • 通过heroku准备部署app • 学习es6中如箭头函数、模板字符和promises等内容 学习前提:具备基本的html和css知识;扎实的JavaScript基础。
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