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Enhancing an Environmental Portrait with Photoshop

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Enhancing an Environmental Portrait with Photoshop
Enhancing an Environmental Portrait with Photoshop
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An environmental portrait—one photographed in a setting that tells a story about the subject—has the potential to reveal something unique and interesting about the person in focus.

In this course, photographer, teacher, and author Chris Orwig explores a variety of Adobe Photoshop postproduction techniques that enhance the authenticity and mood of an environmental portrait. Working with a photograph of world-champion surfer Kelly Slater, Chris steps through each technique, from black-and-white conversion and toning to retouching and more, explaining his creative process along the way.

Topics include:

  • Cleaning up small details with the healing tools
  • Using Liquify to make minor adjustments
  • Burning and dodging to add emphasis
  • Experimenting with creative color
  • Creating a black-and-white, sepia-toned effect
  • Adding realistic film grain
  • Blending in texture from another photograph
  • Retouching the background

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