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Excel Pivot Table Masterclass Excel Reporting & Dashboards

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Excel Pivot Table Masterclass Excel Reporting & Dashboards
Excel Pivot Table Masterclass Excel Reporting & Dashboards
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Sourcing data, Cleansing it, and Analyzing it through Excel pivot tables and dashboards. Master reporting & data viz

Building Business Intelligence with Pivot Tables is an online video course that is perfect for anyone looking to build reports and quickly summarize 10s to 1,000s of rows of data quickly. This course will provide the analyst with the best ways to source and clean up source data for reporting. As the data is cleansed, the course will show you how to present the data in a way that is easy to use for analysis by presenting data in both tabular and visually. The course will further explore the best ways to analyze the data and drill in and out of data By the end of this course, you will feel confident sourcing data, cleansing it, and analyzing it through pivot tables and dashboards.

This is a course aimed squarely at the beginner/intermediate Excel users looking to take their skills to the next level. Before starting this course, you should be comfortable working in Excel. Knowledge of a variety of formula can be helpful, although is by no means necessary. While those comfortable with Pivot Tables are likely to pick up new tricks to make their lives easier, the course is designed to take someone with absolutely no Pivot Table knowledge and teach them how to collect, clean and set up the data, present it in Pivot Tables and build dashboards using Pivot Charts.

The instructor, Ken Puls, is an Excel MVP, blogger, conference speaker, and co-author of "M is for Data Monkey" - a guide to the M language in Excel Power Query.

Excel Pivot Table Masterclass Excel Reporting & Dashboards

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  1. Excel透视表大师课:Excel报表和仪表盘 本教程非常适用于希望开发报表以及快速summarize10到1000行数据的人。本教程将会给分析师带来收集和清晰用于报表的数据的最佳方法。当数据被清洗过了,教程将会为你演示如何以表格化和可视化的易于分析的方式展示数据。教程还会进一步地探索分析数据和赚取数据的最佳方式。学习完本教程,你可以自信地收集数据、清洗以及通过透视表和仪表盘分析数据。 教程适合于希望将他们的技巧提供一个层面的Excel的初中级用户。在开始学习本教程之前,你应当能够熟练地使用Excel,具备大量公式的知识虽然不是必须但肯定会对学习有帮助。熟练掌握透视表的人会发现掌握新的技巧能够让他们的生活变得更轻松,但是本教程也适用于没有透视表经验的人并会教他们如何收集、清晰和建立数据,以透视表展示并使用透视图开发仪表盘。
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