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ReactJS Fundamentals, Second Edition

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ReactJS Fundamentals, Second Edition
ReactJS Fundamentals, Second Edition
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React.js Fundamentals LiveLessons covers vanilla React, as well as a refresher on some advanced JavaScript topics and essential ES6 features. You first learn how to create a modern React toolchain. Next, the training covers the advanced JavaScript concepts that regularly pop up in React and the modern ES6 features you’ll need to write more idiomatic React code. Next, the training covers a conceptual understanding of React and takes an in-depth look at how React’s virtual dom works. Starting in Lesson 6, you dive into writing React code using the original create class syntax and begin to look at the JSX. Next, you see how to rewrite your earlier code using modern ES6 features. From there, you learn the remaining vanilla React topics, such as component life cycle and state management. The training wraps up with a discussion of how you can tweak performance in React apps.

ReactJS Fundamentals, Second Edition

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  1. ReactJS基础教程,第二版 本教程涵盖了普通的React以及对一些高级JavaScript和基础的ES6功能。首先你会学习如何创建一个现代React工具链。然后会学习在React中常出现的高级的JavaScript内容以及编写更符合React代码习惯的ES6功能。然后教程会讲到对React概念上的介绍,并会深入学习React的虚拟DOM是如何工作的。从第六课开始,你将使用原始的创建类的语法深入编写React代码,并会开始学习JSX。接下来,你会学习如何使用ES6重新编写早期的代码。从此,你会学习到省下的React内容,诸如组件声明周期和状态管理。教程的最后会讲到如何调试React应用的性能。
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