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Learn SASS and improve your CSS

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Learn SASS and improve your CSS
Learn SASS and improve your CSS
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If you want to write clean and easy to maintain code or you do not know what SASS is, then you are in the right place. After this course you will write your CSS faster - your code will be clean and easy to maintain.

SASS allows you to reduce the time needed for creating and maintaining a CSS code, quickly create clean responsive web design, divide your project into logical modules without losing website loading speed, have many logical files in development and generate automatically one compressed CSS file, create variables (you can save and reuse values that are used in many places), create mixins (write reusable code only once), do nesting (which makes your code easier to organize), choose colors for website on a whole new level, and much more. SASS is very similar to CSS so you do not need to worry about learning it from scratch. SASS is expanding CSS by additional cool features that you will get to know during my course.

Learn SASS and improve your CSS

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  1. 学习SASS,提高你的CSS 如果希望编写整洁易于维护的代码,或者你不了解什么是Sass的话,那么本教程适用于你。在学习完本教程后你将更快地编写CSS,同时你的代码也是整洁并且易于维护的。 Sass可以让你减少创建和为何CSS代码所需的时间,快速第创建整洁的响应式web设计,将项目分解为逻辑模块而无需损失网站加载速度,让多个逻辑文件处于开发中并自动生成一个压缩的CSS文件,创建变量、创建mixins、做出嵌套、从全新的层次为网站选择颜色等更多内容。Sass与CSS非常相似,你无需担心从零基础学起。Sass通过额外的炫酷功能扩展了CSS,在学习中你都会领略到。
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