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Learning Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers

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Learning Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers
Learning Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers
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To date, organizations have adopted PCF because it acts as an abstraction layer on public and private cloud IaaS providers, increasing business agility and time-to-market of software products.

This course kicks off by showing you the steps involved in making your application cloud-ready. Moving on, it delves into the various aspects involved in deploying your application and running it on Cloud Foundry. It also shows you how Spring Boot and PCF tremendously increase developer productivity.

Later, we address the core challenges that Java developers face while developing PCF applications, such as understanding what PCF is and why companies adopt it. Then, it shows you how to quickly bootstrap and deploy various micro-services to PCF, including REST web services and event-driven applications.

At the end of this video course, you’ll learn how to set up your work space, and its architecture, develop a web service application, and deploy it to PCF. You’ll also build a micro-service (event-driven) and deploy it to Cloud Foundry.

Learning Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Web Developers

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  1. Web开发者学习Pivotal Cloud Foundry 迄今,企业采用PCF是由于它在共有和私有云IaaS提供者之上扮演着抽象层的概念,增加了业务的敏捷性以及软件产品投放市场的时间。 本教程将从让为你演示让你的应用程序为云准备好的每个步骤开始。然后会深入到部署和在Cloud Foundry上部署和运行应用程序的各个方面。教程还会为你演示Spring Boot和PCF如何极大地增加开发者生产效率的。 接下来,我们会学习Java开发者在开发PCF应用时所面对的核心挑战,如理解何为PCF以及企业为何采用它。然后,会为你演示如何快速地将各种微服务部署到PCF,包括REST web服务和事件驱动的应用。 学习完本教程,你将能够建立你的工作空间和架构,开发web服务应用并将其部署到PCF。你还会开发一个为服务并将其部署到Cloud Foundtry。
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