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SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0.300.47971

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SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0.300.47971
 SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author是一款功能非常强大的2D3D模型浏览和转换的文件;它可以帮助用户加快决策的速度,提高质量、生产力的优化,集成了3D数据业务在流程里的流程链,包含了子对象、图形中的纹理位图的数量、顶点、平移、缩放探索3D模型、旋转、灯光、摄像机、查看对象的信息的等.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0.300.47971 | 701.6 mb

SAP AG, multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations, has released an updated (FP03) 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0. This software for create 3D animations and render rich visual content into common desktop documents, file formats, and business applications for secure downstream use.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0 FP03 (Enhanced):

Core SDK (New)
The installer now also contains Core SDK. Core SDK enables the development of plug-ins and extensions for SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author, SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Generator, and SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer.
SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Link (Enhanced)
There are two enhancements for SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Link:
- Automatic units conversion option (AutoCAD import)
- Show Blocks Attributes option (AutoCAD import)
Plug-Ins and Formats (Enhanced)
The following plug-ins and formats were updated:
- AutoCAD file formats: AutoCAD 2017 is now supported.
PMI Notes enabled with smart move (New)
SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author now supports smart move operation of PMI text leader lines in 3D scene
- AutoCAD file formats: AutoCAD 2017 is now supported.
CAD (Enhanced)
The CAD importers were updated as follows:
- CATIA V5 file format: V5 R27 support
- CREO file format: 4 support (Native reader and ProExplorer)
- AutoCAD (DWG) file format: Create PMI node for Dimension information
- AutoCAD file format : Splitting Apart ACAD Table Text String (Idea place)
- NX file format: Datum Plane Grids (Idea Place)
- IFC file format: Material layer metadata and categorization of all metadata

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author. SAP Visual Enterprise Author enables your extended teams to easily create and deliver visual product communications and collaborate more effectively. Rapidly and easily transform, author, and publish 2D and 3D product graphics and documents on your desktop using existing engineering CAD design data and other digital content.

- Quickly transform more than 80 3D CAD or DCC models into accurate, lightweight 2D or 3D product graphics
- Easily author 2D and 3D product graphics into photorealistic images, animated scenes, or high quality line illustrations
- Automatically publish authored product graphics into more than 40 different 2D and 3D graphic formats and 3D interactive PDF documents, Microsoft Office applications or any other document format
- Leverage Deep Exploration CAD Edition to define Deep Server’s high volume, 2D and 3D product graphics and document process settings

Significantly reduce costs and time to create 2D illustrations, 3D product graphics and deliver rich visual product communications for service and support, sales and marketing, 3D visual manufacturing, design collaboration and sourcing, training and technical publications.

Visual Enterprise Author Version 9.0 supported file formats are shown here

About SAP SE. SAP SE (SAP) is a software and service provider. The Company offers enterprise application software. The Company operates through two segments: Applications, Technology & Services segment, and the SAP Business Network segment. The Applications, Technology & Services segment is engaged in the sale of software licenses, subscriptions to its cloud applications, and related services (primarily support services and various professional services, and support services, as well as implementation services of its software products and education services on the use of its products). The SAP Business Network segment includes its cloud-based collaborative business networks and services relating to the SAP Business Network (including cloud applications, professional services and education services). Within the SAP Business Network segment, the Company markets and sells the cloud offerings developed by SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass and Concur.

Product: SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author
Version: 9.0.300.47971
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : http://www.sap.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 701.6 mb

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